Betty Valencia, Scott Rhinehart, Laura ValVilla

Fostering an Economy that works for everyone

Orange County is a recognized center of technology and innovation. We are well-positioned to lead the State in innovative and future-forward job creation. Having been a small business owner, I understand the critical role a well-trained workforce will play in these new jobs.

In the Assembly, I will support environmentally-sound legislation that promotes an economy that works for everyone, and opportunities to train our local workforce for well-paid jobs of the near future.


Fighting for Affordable and Accessible Healthcare

Our Nation, State, and County is suffering from a healthcare epidemic. We have insurance companies that control healthcare costs, while countless hard-working people continue to suffer immensely from rising premiums and the lack of reliable health insurance. We must work together immediately toward finding a cure. Important statistics:

  • The average family of four in this nation pays an average of $28,000 per year in health costs. These costs are crippling families in Orange County and around the nation.
  • Our current healthcare system sees administrative costs for billing and insurance that are five times higher than Canada’s national healthcare system.
  • Prescription drug costs can be over 50% more in the U.S. compared to Canada.

In the Assembly, I will tirelessly work with my colleagues to formulate effective and practical legislation that will bring a Single-Payer Medicare system to our State.


Protecting our Beaches, Air and Water

When you think OC, you think beaches. However, South Orange County’s iconic coastlines, beautiful wildlife areas and parks are all at risk of destruction, due to climate change. Our children and their grandchildren may never know the Orange County that our families have grown to love and cherish.

By halting offshore drilling, removing the waste at San Onofre and supporting common-sense solutions to climate change, we can preserve the beautiful landscapes that make Orange County our home for generations to come.

In the Assembly, I will be an outspoken advocate for the economic and environmental future of the County our children and grandchildren will call home.