I’m a community leader, businessman, husband, father and grandfather. I care deeply about the future of the people of the 73rd District– and in the State Assembly, I will work with you to support and protect our community.

I was born into a working-class family in a small coal-mining town. My father began working in the mines of West Virginia at the age of eight. As a young man, he was a grassroots organizer in the United Mine Workers. From him, I learned the importance of collective action and of bringing a voice to the voiceless. My mother raised 9 children in a modest home. From her, I learned the importance of diligence and perseverance in the face of struggle.

Like my father, I have participated in political advocacy – working to defeat The Briggs Initiative, Proposition 8 (Anti Gay Marriage Act), and fought to increase funding for HIV/AIDS prevention among others. I am also a strong supporter of worker’s and women’s rights, and full and equal rights all Americans.

I’ve called Orange County home for 16 years with my husband Robert. We’ve co-raised two beautiful daughters and have six wonderful grandchildren. I’ve helmed my own real estate brokerage, specializing in home ownership for first-time buyers, seniors and veterans so I understand the economic challenge that middle class families and small business owners in Orange County face.

Since Orange County is a recognized center of technology and innovation, it is well positioned to lead the state in creating innovative future-forward jobs. In the Assembly, I will support legislation that promotes a trained and well paid workforce for the jobs of the future and promotes an environmentally sound framework for such job creation.

My concern for the future that we leave our children and grandchildren fuels my commitment to make our district, State and Nation a better and safer place to live. Our beautiful coastlines and the very air we breathe are at risk. We must stop offshore drilling and remove the nuclear waste being held at San Onofre. I also strongly believe in providing a ‘Medicare for All’ program so families don’t have to face undiagnosed medical issues and crippling expenses that can throw their families into bankruptcy.

In the Assembly, I will be a tireless advocate for the interests of our community and a champion for my constituents. I humbly ask for your support of my campaign to represent the 73rd Assembly District.