I’m a community leader, businessman, husband, father and grandfather. I care deeply about the future of the people of the 73rd District, and, in the State Assembly, I will work with you to support and protect our community.

My concern for the future that we will leave to our children and grandchildren fuels my commitment to make our district, State and Nation better and safer places to live. Our beautiful coastline and the very air we breathe are at risk. We must stop offshore drilling and remove the nuclear waste being held at San Onofre. I strongly believe in providing a ‘Medicare for All’ program so families won’t have to face undiagnosed medical issues or crippling expenses that can throw their families into bankruptcy.

In the Assembly, I will be a tireless advocate for the interests of our community and a champion for my constituents. I humbly ask for your support of my campaign to represent the 73rd Assembly District.


We are pleased to provide an opportunity to meet two leaders in the fight to protect our environment. Scott Rhinehart, Democratic candidate for the 73rd State Assembly District, and Dr. Jeff Schweitzer, world renowned environmental policy expert and adviser, invite you to join them for a Special Reception to discuss...
Climate change and global warming are impacting our community now. You're invited to hear Scott Rhinehart, Democratic candidate for the 73rd State Assembly District talk about the local effects of climate change as he's joined by Dr. Jeff Schweitzer, a world-renowned environmental policy expert and top science adviser to President...
Please consider helping to sponsor this very important and informative Town Hall event so that the conversation surrounding the dangers we face in regards to climate change never stops.